loving while growing

I love the seasons. Each one has something so special about it, we get a chance to look at the year in a cycle of death and life, again and again. Now I know that sounds a bit emo and might make you bust out the eyeliner, but it’s a beautiful cycle that we experience and can see God in the midst of these cycles. Dear Danielle and I bought a house in December, which was not only terrifying and exciting, but we were able to move in while the beginning of the winter season crept in. I love winter, the cold, cozy atmosphere is perfect for some tea and comics. With winter, there wasn’t a lot of growth around our house, there were plenty of bare trees and bushes making it easy to begin the updates on the inside of our home.

Now as the season has moved to spring, we are discovering a whole new world of fresh growth and life in our yard. Flowers bursting through the ground, bright green leaves exploding all over our trees, and birds singing their song while zooming around our yard; it is amazing, and I think it’s a picture of how God moves us through seasons to help our lives burst with fresh growth.

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a new thing

Over the weekend, dear Danielle and I went to the store and decided to do a little springtime shopping. We picked up some herbs and plants, a bird feeder for the robins and cardinals around our place, and some new soil for plants we already have. A couple of those plants have not been thriving, so we figured some new soil and an upgraded pot would help. It was so much fun being able to spend a day breathing fresh air and giving life to new plants. As we got our hands dirty, we re-potted our snake plant, as I pulled out the plant, we immediately noticed some root rot, due to it having too much water. On the surface the plant looked fine, but when actually dealing with the root, we saw it needed to get rid of the old before a new thing could thrive.

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