Mind Wandering

I find myself getting lost in my own thoughts. Memories, what-ifs, planning ahead, continually becoming distracted by these. Daydreaming through the day and forgetting to focus on what is right in front of me, while fears creep in. These thoughts just swirl and swirl in my head, sometimes it feels like I’ll never be quiet in my own head. Fortunately there are ways I’ve found that help the ability to focus and stop the endless thinking. Un-plug, turn off the television, shut the laptop, and walk. This isn’t me describing the best way to get your head clear, this is just what helps me, you can either do the same or find your quiet place. I feel at peace in a garden, something about the fresh air and the smells of plants allows me to be at ease, this is also the best place for me to connect with God. I like to journal, I approach it like I’m writing a letter to God, it makes my words feel so much more meaningful. I take every chance I get to do this, setting myself apart from the media that fills so much of our lives, the constant checking of the cell phone or checking up on twitter and facebook. Take time to be alone, take time to be un-plugged, do what you love. 

This was what I took to heart with a painting that I recently did. Its not a master piece, or very good, it was something that I wanted to do. I want others to enjoy it and I want it to create a thought in your own head, what do I look to? Who do i put my faith in? I wanted to describe with simple words what God has done in my life and words that describe His character to me. Words like life, savior, awe, king, these and more were what came to mind while doing this project. It is an abstract piece, done with acrylic paint on paper, 22×28 in. I hope you enjoy it, and more importantly, I hope it causes you to think.

In closing, un-plug, find what gives you peace, and think about what you put trust in.