Tea and Tracks #1

Hello there! I have been kicking this idea around for a while now about doing some bi-weekly post about what music I’ve been listening to and a tea that I have been enjoying. So, this will be the very first “Tea and Tracks” post where I will share some albums, songs, or whatever i have been listening to and post a link to where you can listen and purchase if you would like. Keep in mind that I am purely a lover of music and art and not an official reviewer, these are my thoughts that I want to share with anyone who wants to listen. Then I will introduce a tea that you should all try, so I hope you enjoy this first edition of “Tea and Tracks!”

The first album is Rookie, by a band called Hideout. This San Diego duo uses a very classic alternative/ indie rock style in their music, and evokes imagery of a fantasy world while keeping that classic indie vibe. This album specifically is very unique in it’s sci-fi like world it creates in three of the songs specifically. Skylights, Battle Lights, and Stronger create a story arc of a young boy who is kidnapped, then returned home with no memory of his past. It is an interesting story and is not the complete focus of the album, the other songs focus on life and how we deal with the things that go on in it. My favorite track on the album is definitely, Where You’ve Been, which sets the tone for what the album is trying to achieve. Rookie is a unique album with fantastic imagery that creates a charming feeling while you listen, check it out and support the artists if you dig it.


The second album is the Seacats self titled Lp. This album is very much grounded in reality as it is a coming of age story of two brothers dealing with three issues. In their own desciption of the album it says, “18-year-old Mike Davis sings about his trials finishing his senior year of high school, not being the coolest guy in school, and not being able to finish his chores in time to watch his favorite show. 23-year-old Josh Davis’ songs cover these same three topics.” It is a simple idea yet one that many can relate to, making this album fun and easy to listen to. The Seacats again are an alternative rock band with more grunge influences, and do it quite well. The album is grounded in real life but doesn’t take itself to seriously, which works in its favor to create an experience while listening. My favorite track is Wrecked, not only does it set-up the feel for the album, it has a really great music video with it. So check out this album if you wanna listen.


The third album is Getz/Gilberto, a 1965 jazz album by  American saxophonist Stan Getz and Brazilian guitarist João Gilberto. While this album is quite a separation from the previous two, it is a beautiful album with a smooth feeling that allows the mind to relax and wander. Jazz is very much an experience so I highly encourage you to listen to this in some way to understand its beauty and how it can change the mood of your day. My favorite track from the album is Corcovado, which creates that smooth jazz feel with deep bass and the right touch of saxophone that all jazz lovers will enjoy. Check out this essential jazz album for yourself.


The final album this week is Daystar Worships’, King of Glory. My home church has finished its’ first full length Christmas album just in time for the season. The main focus of the album is to share the reason why we celebrate Christmas, the birth of the King of Glory. The tracks are many classic Christmas songs, in a worship style and creative takes on old songs. My favorite track is Carol of the Bells/ Sing We Now of Christmas. Check it out now as it is perfect for this Christmas season.


I hope you enjoyed this little experiment of mine and more importantly enjoyed these wonderful albums. The tea I am recomending this week is “Constant Comment,” a rich black tea with hints of orange to create a great flavor. Pick some up along with any of these albums for a unique listening experience. Let me know what you think of any of the albums and the tea of choice. Stay excellent.

-Joshua Thomas

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