Your Story Needs to Be Shared

Each day, we create a story. We take on new challenges, we meet new people, and we fight to make it through the hardship. You have a story. You have a past that has led you to this point, you have the ability to make choices now that will propel you into a future God has for you, and you have the power to leave a legacy that will last forever. Over the past three weeks I have written posts to help you understand that we have all been given a story. We all have a past where we can see that God has brought us from, good or bad. We all have the power to choose to live daily seeking Christ, not choosing to be of this world. All ending in our future, that once we trust God with it, we can leave a legacy that matters. These are all things that are vital to your story, but today there is a conclusion that may be the most important aspect of your story. Your story needs to be shared. Another word for your story that we see over and over in the bible is that of your testimony. A testimony is simply a declaration of what you have experienced. Your testimony is unique, because it is yours. Your testimony in Christ has power to it, it has the power to cast out darkness and push the enemy down. Revelation 12:11 says, “They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” We have been saved by grace and our testimony of that fact gives us the power over the darkness. We become the light, and when there is light, darkness flees.

I started this blog to share my story. I felt like it needed to be shared, so I wrote, and kept on writing. I saw the power that my life had on others, my simple story. Through it, I began to have a passion for stories. So many of my friends and people I love have incredible stories, stories of triumph and heartache. Good, bad, and some ugly; but all of their stories show the power of God. Their stories inspire me, which made me think. We all have stories, and our stories inspire those all around us. My passion is to help others find their potential in Christ. I want to be a doctor in your life, someone who can guide you into a healthy lifestyle. I’m not trying to be Christ in your life, I don’t want that to get confused. What I want to be is someone that can teach you what I have learned, so that you can live a good story. I want to spend the next few paragraphs showing just how powerful your story is to others, and to give you the power to share it with others.

Stories incite us to action.

Have you ever seen a movie that made you want to get up and fight with our heroes we see on screen? I remember watching Star Wars for the first time with my family. I immediately connected with Luke, our farm boy turned hero. He started life with little direction and ended up saving a galaxy. My reaction was to put on my dad’s bath robe and find a stick to be my lightsaber. I think when we hear stories of people doing incredible things or overcoming unmeasurable odds, we get a desire in our hearts to stand up for what’s right. The other day I was talking to my girlfriend and I was laughing at how much I love all things superheroes. She looked at me and told me something that I won’t forget because it is such a true statement. She said, “I think you like superheroes because of what they stand for and that they never give up.” This is a powerful example of stories, I do love superheroes because they stand for those who are helpless and the never give in to the temptation of the villain. Stories incite us to action, they cause us to have a “want” for more. This is why the bible is so powerful. The bible is made up of stories, true stories. We read it and hear these strong men and women fighting for what was right and living above the fallen world around them. This is why it is so vital to be in the word daily, we can read of these people and learn from their stories. We see the power of a testimony from the word, which inspires us to share ours with others and incite them to action.

Stories are personal.

Your story is personal, because it is your story. If stories in general can incite us to action, think about how much your personal testimony can speak to the people in your life. Your story is filled with God’s promise, something that no one can take from you. We live in a world where there is so much hate all the time. People treating others as less-human, and we can get caught up in hating others without realizing that Jesus called us to treat others the way we want to be treated. Imagine what the world would look like if we stopped tearing others down and built them up with our words of life. When we share our testimonies of God’s grace in our life, showing that none of us are perfect yet he still loves us, we show others that there is hope. That no matter what sin they may be caught up in or the hurt they feel, there is always hope. One of the hardest things for me is hearing about those who gave up hope and walked away. I have friends who have turned from the love they once had in Christ, choosing the fleeting things of this world. It leaves you empty inside, and can cause you to walk a path that you may never return from. Don’t let that happen. Choose to share your personal story that will empower others to find hope in Christ.

Stories are bigger than us.

Once you share your personal story, it becomes bigger than you. One of the biggest truths in life that I’ve learned, is that it’s not about me. Sometimes we are not meant to be the star of the show, and that’s okay. I love writing, and if just one person is empowered to live a better story because of it, I am so encouraged. If your story causes more people to go out and change the world, we can be encouraged. Maybe you aren’t the main character in the end, that’s okay. Everyone is important to Christ, and your story matters. One of the best quotes from the TV show Doctor Who is when a character says they aren’t important. The Doctor replies and says, “In 900 years of time and space, I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important.” What a powerful statement. Your story matters, even if you aren’t the main character in the end, your life still matters. You are valued by the creator of all, who designed you for a purpose. Your story is bigger than you can even imagine, so share it. Tell others about your life so that you can impact the world for Christ.

small group

This picture is of my high school small group. This was the place where I learned to live a good story. I want you to live a good story. When you look at your life you can see Gods’ fingerprints all over it. It needs to be shared, your story is powerful. Your story has the power to incite others, it is a personal story of how God has worked in you, and it is bigger than you. Your story needs to be shared, because your story brings hope to the hopeless, and can bring others out of the rut and into freedom. In a world where we see so much anger and hatred, we need to bring light into the darkness. So I want to call you to action. I want you to share your story. After you read this, I want you to go on whatever social media you use, and share your story. In a time where we have people sharing their political views and anger on Facebook, share your story of freedom instead. You can share this blog post and write a message of your story with it, you could write a blog post of your testimony, or you could post an Instagram picture of something that represents your story. I challenge you to share your story today. Use the hashtag #CoffeeShopThoughts, so I can see your individual stories. Write a comment below of your story, and share this with the people you know. Fill the world with the power of your story, because God has done a work in your life.

You have a story and it needs to be shared.

-Joshua Thomas

One thought on “Your Story Needs to Be Shared

  1. I have enough testimonies to write a book about how great God is to bring me through them all. He is so gracious and loving to have allowed me to survive and even thrive. I write some testimonies on my blog. One day, I plan to tell my full story. God has called me to do this – to glorify Him.

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