You Are Super

We have all been made unique. Each of us have talents and skills that are unlike anyone else. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. All of us are made in the image of God and each of us are individuals. Over the past few weeks I’ve been writing about being weird, how following after Christ truly sets us apart from the world. That makes us weird. It’s weird to pursue a relationship with an incredible creator, it’s weird to show love to everyone because of the love shown to us, and it’s weird to serve others in an authentic way. This is a passion of mine, to tell everyone just how special they are, and just how important their role is in the kingdom. Today I want to speak to you on a deep level, I want to tell you something that is very important in your walk with Christ. You are super.

I’ve always loved comics, I know I mention this pretty consistently, but it’s because they are filled with great lessons that I want to share. Growing up I dreamed of being a super hero, I think most kids have that desire. We have a desire to be greater than ourselves, to serve the people in the world and make it a better place. Growing up I would play with my friends on the playgrounds being our favorite superheroes; I always liked being Spider-Man, he was a geeky kid that changed the world and I liked that. Even when we needed a villain I would be Venom (mainly because I still wanted spider powers and I could stick my tongue out pretty long), but even as a villain, I would become good in the end. In these moments I found out about the X-men, a team of mutants that were each unique and often seen as outcasts. Many of their stories was about the team living in a world that hates them and wants them all dead, yet the team followed Professor Xavier who told them that their powers should be used to save the world. They chose to save a world that hated them, no matter what the cost. I like that. I like that because it’s a picture of what our relationship with God should look like. In the midst of a world that hates us and thinks we’re too preachy, we need to use our power to save a world that is lost without Christ. You see the truth is, you are super, and because of this, you are vital to the kingdom of God.

Mutant abilities and changing lives.

I loved the X-men because each of them had mutant abilities that made them vital. There was every power from telekinesis to shooting fireworks from your hands. It was weird and even some had bizzare power (even my man Husk who had the power of being able to shed his skin. Ew.), yet each were indispensable. In our walk with Christ, we are all indispensable to the body of Christ. This is what Paul speaks on in 1 Corinthians 12, each of us are needed for the other to work. No matter how old or young you are, you are super. I think of people in my church that embody this. I think about Hannah who serves each week in Daystar Kids as a small group leader loving on kids and creating a true relationship with them. She acts with me and other cast members in our Family Experience nights, and she’s darn good at it too! I look up to Hannah because Hannah is super. I think about Cole who serves in next gen ministry at Daystar, he started serving with elementary and connected with one of our awesome special needs kids. He connected so well that he now moved up into middle school so that he could continue to foster that relationship. We need people like Cole that will stand with the kids that people often look past. Cole is super. I think about Luke and Will, to awesome leaders in next gen ministry at Daystar, who last night in the midst of a powerful worship time stood up and set an example. Even when the students next to them weren’t paying attention they tried to get them engaged, and when the students didn’t, the two of them chose to go to the front with arms held high because they know that worshipping at the feet of Jesus is more precious than all else. Luke and Will are examples of how to stand in the midst of opposition, in the spiritual battle, they chose to worship. Luke and Will are super.

The cool part is, all four of the people I just mentioned are students. They are the next generation that have learned that they have been made by God with special abilities, and they won’t let that go to waste. They are using their abilities to change lives. They are super.

Unlocking your ability.

So, just how do we unlock these abilities? The first step is entering an authentic relationship with Christ. Understanding that we are all sinners who have been saved by grace through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Believing that and choosing to live dependently on him is the first step, and this is only the beginning. Now the fun part comes into play. We now have the chance to test our abilities. Each of us have passions and unique skills that we know can be used, and the reason we feel this way, is because God designed you to use that to serve him! A great first step is getting involved in your local church, look for areas to serve. You may find that you jump into something right away and you love it, or maybe you try something and it’s totally not your place. That’s okay, God wants you to discover your purpose because he has a place for you. This is a great step because God calls us to make disciples, he doesn’t tell us how to do that, so we get to do what works for us. Each part of the body is necessary for another to work. One is not greater than the other, and it will take some time. I know this may be hard for us millennials, but we need to be patient. We need to try and test our abilities to see what works. With prayer, serving, and time we can unlock our abilities. God wants to use us because we are special. You are special.


For a long time I didn’t feel special. I felt like a nerdy kid who people knew of but never actually got to know. I sometimes still feel this way, but the truth is, I am special. The truth is you are special. God is using my experience of feeling alone to be there for the lives of elementary and high school students. God showed me that I do have a message to share and he showed me that writing was the way to share that message. You are special, you have abilities and talents that God is just waiting to reveal to you so that you can change the world. I think God puts that desire in our hearts because he knows we can do it. In the midst of a world telling us to fit in and do what everyone else is doing, be weird. Stand up for the king that saved you. Just like the X-men, you have a super power inside you waiting to be unleashed, and when it is, the world will never be the same.

You are special, and God is waiting to use you.

-Joshua Thomas

4 thoughts on “You Are Super

  1. I love how you’ve incorporated comics (X-men and spidey are my favorite btw😛) with god and everything is just so great! I loved this post 🙂

  2. Hey!

    Its funny that Spiderman was your first comic it was mine too ! The beauty of Christ is his inclusion of everyone and how generous and rich the love of God is toward us and its great that you’ve explained it in a simple way with encouragement as well. Thanx for the reminder of how super we are: )

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