Birthday Musings

Wow, it’s been one incredible year! Today I turn 23, my Michael Jordan year, hopefully no Looney Tunes need my help to play basketball. It’s not gonna end well for them (Shouts out to “Space Jam”). This isn’t like one of my normal posts, I simply wanted to reflect on some of the amazing things from this year. God has done incredible works in my life and the lives to the people who are close to me. This past year I basically graduated from UNCG (wrote a post about the one class I have to complete), which was an awesome picture of how God helped me through my studies. That was always a stumbling block for me, and can you believe it, I even want to get a master in divinity over the next couple of years!

In one of my posts from returning home from a summer camp, I talked about how God gave me a vision for the students in Greensboro and ways to reach more, and God opened the doors. I brought my ideas to our lead pastor, and not only were we on the same page, but I was given the opportunity to jump on the team to help carry it out! For so long in my life I was ready for the door, yet never saw the opportunity. I was ready to leave Greensboro and figure it out had a door not appeared, but in my moment of desperation, God provided the door. He always provides the door, we simply have to trust in the seasons where we wander the desert.

From that point, even more awesome things came into my life. More visions and dreams of things to come. Big things. Things that scare and excite me all at the same time. Things that I would have assumed I would never step into. In these pictures of the future, I have no idea what the path looks like. It’s more fun that way, basically how every big thing in my life has happened, and God always provides.

My biggest thought on this day is to have a “why not” perspective on what God is calling me towards. When things seem big and unattainable, I simply can say “why not?” Why not step into what God has for me? Why not have God use me to reach the people in the nation? Why not choose to follow wherever God takes me? Why not jump into it with arms open to receive God’s blessing? I want to live my life in this way, never listening to fear. Fear is from the devil, and the devil is a liar. I choose to say why not to everything God is ready to do. I choose him.

Birthday Musings

I’ve been blessed in so many ways. This blog has been one of the best things I get to do each week. I am honored to be on a team, ready to capture the hearts of students back from the enemy and avenge the lost. I have a great family who has never given up on me or cast me aside. I have supportive mentors around me who are investing. I have two awesome Grandpas who support me from the chilly state of Wisconsin. Thank you for reading each week, I hope you have been able to step into what God has for you in all things. I have a list here of some of my favorite posts from this year that you can look at here:

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If you would like to support my continuing journey, you can support me on Patreon! A little birthday gift, but most importantly, I would love prayer. God is doing big things and it’s scary, but my God is powerful and mighty.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

-Joshua Thomas

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