Faith in Motion

For many of us, this current season has been one of change and filled with new things. The end of that holiday season brings back the reality of life. We have to jump back in the swing of things with work, school, relationships, and everything that comes with real life; these moments can seem like a growing beast that you have to get a handle on. For my life right now, big things are happening. Good things, nothing terrible, just big. I’m working part time at my church and stepping into more responsibility as well as being part time in an after school program. I love it. I feel like I’m hitting my stride, but with any exciting and new thing, the enemy can sneak in and try to lessen it. It happens so fast, and often in seasons that are busy, the enemy will try to sneak in. Maybe you’re in a busy season, or stepping into something new, in these moments you have to remember to keep moving. We have to keep fighting for what God has claimed over your life, we need to have faith in motion.

This idea came to me during Daystar Church’s, 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting. I talked about this last week, and God is continually teaching me about trust and having faith. I decided to write this month about the things he is revealing to me about faith. Last week about having faith in our creator, and this week I want to talk about having a faith in motion. I’ve been reading the book of Joshua. Yes, we have the same name, and we are kindred spirits in my opinion, because Joshua had to follow the footsteps of Moses who was highly regarded amongst the people of Israel. I relate to Joshua because fear was his kryptonite, his thing that he had to battle. Prior to Moses giving him this position, Joshua waited for years to press into God and seek him, all while following the vision of another. Now it was his time, it was all up to him, and he had a lot of pressure. I am in a similar spot. Stepping into a bigger role at Daystar and beginning to lead a ministry that had a great leader before me. It’s a scary place to be in. I’m having to lead and bring change that Gad has told me it is now time to implement. It’s all good, but pressure is growing and it can be easy to lose sight of my love for students and the next generation. I relate to Joshua.

Focus on the light.

There is a moment in Joshua’s first true test in his journey, the crossing of the Jordan river. The funny thing is, his test wasn’t crossing it, it was what he did before they reached the river. Joshua 3:3-5 says, “Watch for the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God. When you see it, you must move out from where you are and follow it. Then you will know which way to go. You have never gone this way before. But don’t go near the ark. Stay about 1,000 yards away from it. Joshua said to the people, Set yourselves apart to the Lord. Tomorrow he’ll do amazing things among you.” I love this. At the start of Joshua’s ministry, he was told to not be afraid because God was with him, so when it came time to lead the people, God told them the same. To follow the ark, the thing that held the stone tablets with the ten commandments on them, but it was more than following the tablets. The idea was to always follow after the ark, radiating in the sunlight because of the gold. God was telling the people to follow the light, to follow God on their journey, keeping him first and walking towards him. Joshua learned that the people needed to follow the light first, so that when the trials came, they would be ready. By the time they came to the Jordan river, there was no need to fear, God already led them this far, there was no reason to believe he wouldn’t make a way. Joshua and the people of Israel had faith, a faith in motion. They didn’t simply look at God, they followed him on a journey, always keeping him first. In our own lives, we need to focus our attention on the light, we need to have a faith in motion.

Move forward, never backward.

When you have a faith in motion, you are always seeking after God, continually moving forward to follow him. This is why the people carrying the ark were ahead of the rest, so that the ark was always being sought after. The people were to be striving to move forward. The thing is, this can be hard for us in our lives. I know for me, it’s easy to look back at what used to be when I become busy or stressed. I look back and see how simple life was in college or high school, but the truth is, we always look back at the past without remembering the struggle during those times. It makes me think of a moment in the movie, Midnight in Paris, where our main character from our modern time thinks that Paris in the 20’s was the golden age. He is then able to travel back in time to see Paris in the 20’s, but what happens is that the people during that time look at the past as being the golden age. It’s a fun movie, but it shows how easy we can glorify what was based on the hardship in our now. The Israelites were the same, as soon as they looked away from God, they began to desire to return to slavery. We think they are so foolish, but we do the exact same things. We need to have a faith in motion, one that continually pursues Jesus, always moving forward and simply using the past to prepare us for what will come. We need to strive towards the growth that comes with following after the heart of God, we need to have a faith in motion.

Watch for the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God. The priests, who are Levites, will be carrying it. When you see it, you must move out from where you are and follow it. 4 Then you

Joshua and the people of Israel could have easily turned away. The change was scary, they had challenges to face and it was easy to quit. They kept following. There were mistakes and they had to wander, but they kept moving. Their leaders kept bringing them closer and closer to the promise land. In our lives, we struggle with the journey because the promise seems so far off. We must have a faith in motion. The enemy would love for us to be complacent, being fine with simply staying where we are, but we are called to so much more. You have been created by an incredible God who loves you and chooses you. You have a plan for your life and God wants you to step into your potential. So, no matter what season you find yourself in, good or bad, keep focusing on the light ahead of you and keep moving forward. Think like Joshua, prepare yourself now, so that you can trust God in the trials.

Press into Christ, and have a faith in motion.

-Joshua Thomas  

3 thoughts on “Faith in Motion

  1. Beautifully written and well told. Thank you, I needed that today.
    The thought of a new year with new things to come was slightly terrifying for me. I don’t know what to expect. I never do, but this year felt particularly overbearing. Thank you for putting my solution into one blog post. It really put things into perspective. I often looked back to when I could just play with lego, go to school, and wait for my birthday to come. “Those were the golden days”. But actually the present, the now are my golden days because I get to make the most of it. I hope and pray that your year is a success. And again Thank you for writing this…

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