Journey Update: Weddings and Prophecies

The past few months have been absolutely wild. A couple of these journey updates ago, I talked about how a new chapter of my life was starting, and a little over five weeks ago that chapter began. On one of the hottest days imaginable, I said “I do” to my best friend. It was amazing! Highly recommend getting married to your best friend. While our engagement was only three months (I highly recommend short engagements), there was a whirlwind of things to get done and last-minute details. My anxiety was slightly raising, but when the day finally arrived, it all faded away. The best day of my life, September 22nd, when the new chapter of my life with Danielle began. I know, I know, sounds pretty cheesy but it’s true. Two of my favorite moments from our wedding stood out and I will always remember. We had our first look, where Danielle and I read each other the vows we wrote. The second was during our ceremony, in front of the people who have invested in our lives, and having a moment to worship. We were together, two becoming one, and choosing to worship in the midst of all things.

Danielle and I have been through a lot. We have experienced ups and downs separately, as well as while we have been together. We aren’t the typical couple, we don’t want to have a fake image like we have it all together, and we choose to stand up for those who have been marginalized. We do this because we ourselves have been marginalized, we understand what it feels like to not get picked, be a cool kid, or be the ones everyone wants to hang out with. These may not seem like big things, but for many of us, this can be the root of so much of our struggles with self-confidence. One of the best parts about this, is that these are the people God has gifted us to reach. Misfit kids that don’t fit in to what culture says we should be. This was confirmed in a session where we were able to be prophesied over. A dear friend of ours, Mady, was able to set it up, and I am so thankful for that opportunity. It confirmed that God has big things in store for us, and that together, we will do powerful things and help those who have been looked over. This new chapter has been exciting, but Satan has already tried his hardest to attack. This is an update on our journey, but it is also a time where our new family could use some definite prayer.

God’s got this.

This is a big reminder for me. There have been incredible ups, but also some very serious downs. The future is always something that has scared me. It’s caused me to ask questions about how can I provide for my family and how am I able to step into what God has called me for? These questions mix with self-image issues; you see I don’t fall into the typical idea of what a “man” should be. I was never super athletic or super cool; I’m into superheroes and reading poetry, so when moments come where I am held to this standard or feel like I don’t add up, it becomes hard to not put it on myself. Satan has been using my mind against me, but in these moments, I have to remember that God’s got this. I don’t have to worry about how others see me or if I add up to a man-made ideal; I am made in the image of God and will not believe anything that contradicts what scripture says about me. I have to make a choice. I have to choose to not fear the future, but see it as an opportunity for good. I may sound vague or jump around, but it’s my mind and thought process in the now. I’m not sharing all the details because that’s not important, what is important is to remember in the midst of the unknowns and chaos, God’s promise remains. After every storm there is a rainbow, a symbol that even in the storm, God is fighting for all of us.

Trust and search.

The second thing I’ve been learning is that I have to actively trust and seek after God. When bad things happen, it’s important to remember that God is not the one doing it, but imperfect people. In our prophesy, a woman told me that I needed to read through Gideon, and continue to read through it until God had said it was enough. So, that’s what I’ve been doing. I recently had some frustrating events happen. Something that has made me feel powerless and overlooked, but in my searching, the story of Gideon has helped me. Things happen, unforeseen life change happens, but in it all, it is important to trust and seek after God’s word. I didn’t just get that on my own, Danielle has helped encourage me to put my focus not on the change, but the God who has a bigger and greater plan for me. We must all do this. You were not made by accident, you were made for more, and God has a purpose for you. So, whenever you feel overlooked, marginalized, or looked-down on; remember that God has so much greater in store that what people might say about you. Your job is to love people and seek God’s heart.

Journey Update_ Weddings and Prophecies

Our wedding photos were done by the amazing Annie and Jamie

I am so thankful for this season. A new chapter I have been able to start alongside of my best friend and greatest woman in the galaxy. There will be challenges we will face and hardships to overcome, but God has a great plan in store for us. We are ready for God to open the door, but will rest in this period of waiting. If you would like to support us, prayer would be incredible. We are looking at full time ministry opportunities, so if you happen to know of any children’s pastor positions, feel free to reach out to me! You can also support my Patreon, where I post these blogs early, but also plan to write more. Not just blog posts but books and add previews, I am also saying this to make it set in stone that I will write books J

There is an incredible world that God has made; Danielle and I are excited for what will come.

Thank you for reading and sharing these blogs every week; I hope they encourage and teach you something new each week.

-Joshua Thomas

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