I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of passion recently. Passion is an intense desire, something that almost cannot be controlled. It’s something that drives you, moves you, and causes you to fight for it daily. Events in my life have made me evaluate what I am truly passionate about; it has caused to me look at the why behind who I am. As a Christ follower, I am called to something greater. Passion and calling go hand in hand. Each of us have a calling, each of us have been created with a powerful purpose. There is no one like you, you are an original, a masterpiece created in the image of a savior. Take a moment and think about what drives you. What makes you excited during the day, what do you cling to in the midst of hardship, what could you never go another day without pursuing? I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of passion recently.

I want to talk about passion today (in case you hadn’t noticed). I want to talk about this because so many people have asked me why I’m so passionate about the things I do. A few years back a friend of mine in high school asked me why I was so passionate about being a pastor. I told her I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. One of my biggest fears is being stuck at a desk doing a mundane job until I die. In everything I have pursued, it has always been because of this passion God placed in me. I went to school for communication studies so I could learn how to work with people, navigate conflict, and effectively present a message. I started this blog because I had messages to share and no one gave me an outlet, so I created one. The hardest part about being passionate is the fact that people around you might not always be as passionate about what you are. I’m not the passion expert, or the most successful person you know, I’m simply a guy who has a ton of passion and wants to see a world where everyone has that same drive and supports other kids like me to achieve these dreams.

You have passion, because you were created.

Genesis 1:27 says, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created them.” This verse is talking about you, God has created you to play a role in a vast kingdom. Maybe you’re reading this and don’t feel super passionate, that’s okay. Just because you weren’t born with an uncontrollable dream doesn’t mean that you don’t have passion. I wasn’t born wanting to be a pastor of people, I didn’t even really like the church until I was in high school, and even then, don’t agree with the actions of the modern church. What happened was is that I learned that I loved helping others and help them see that they were made for more. I then saw that the church could be a place for people to be loved and not judged. Then as I kept pursuing these thoughts, it became my heartbeat, it became my passion. I saw the modern church and the issues with it and said, well how about I plant a church and run it the way God has called me to? Passion isn’t a natural born trait, it is a pursuit of the God given talents we use every day. Instead of feeling like you don’t have passion, look at what gives you life every day, see the unique talents that only you have, and ask God to reveal his plan. When it comes down to it, you could be the most gifted *Fill in the Blank*, but unless you realize that God is the one who makes that happen, you will fall. It’s a warning that God gives us, any time in scripture people think they are more than what God can do in them, they fall. You have passion because you were created by a passionate God, a God that equips you to do more than you could ever do on your own.

The people around you have passion, support them.

The worst thing you can ever do to a writer, artist, or musician is say that you will pay them in “exposure.” This idea is toxic, there are gifted people who need someone to see them and help them step into what God has gifted them for. I fight this, I am in the job search for next gen pastor positions and it is so difficult trying to help people understand that I have passion for the next generation, yet can feel so over looked. It’s a common theme in American culture, we look at image and not the heart. We have it backwards. We need to look at people who care, people who love all people, people that don’t want their image to be bigger than God’s. This can be scary for us, because it means we might have to let go of the image we have created. We need to care about people and not just see them as a tool for our own gain. We need to love all people regardless of their race, political views, or their mistakes. We have to realize that it’s not about us, and it never was, it’s about our great creator. A student in my youth ministry I am a director of, told me that she was writing a book. I was so excited for her, so much that I told her I would love to read it as soon as she finishes it and I’ll buy a copy! I could have easily let Satan get in my head and tell her that she needs to go to college first and get an English degree then I might go out and get a copy on sale. That would be horrible! Yet, that’s often the attitude we have with dreamers around us. We refuse to give a chance because no one gave us a chance, and thus, the cycle continues. We can break it. We must break it. As a Christ follower you are commanded to break it, we are told to treat others the way you want to be treated. It’s not a suggestion. Will that always make sense? Will it always make sense for your business, church, or organization to take a chance? Nope, it actually doesn’t make sense, but to totally transparent. God doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense he would create us, love us when we curse him, send his son to pay our price by dying. God doesn’t make sense, and that’s beautiful.

Passion (1)

This post is a bit long, a tad rambly, and may not be grammatically correct; but God has given me this place and a voice to share. I want to see a world where the church gives and takes chances. I want to see every person in my life step into their calling and run after the dreams God has placed in their life. I want to see you be passionate. I want you to pursue the things that give you life. I’m tired of being overlooked and being made to feel like I’m not good enough, so I want to start by empowering you. I want you to know that God has a purpose for you. No matter what people have said to you in the past, do not believe anything to be true that contradicts what scripture says about you. You are made in the image of God, he has designed you with great purpose. You are commanded to treat others the way you would want to be treated, so fight to lift others up. I’ve been thinking a lot about passion recently, and I believe passion in the heartbeat that God gave each of us to do great and mighty things.

You have passion.

-Joshua Thomas

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