Finding New Rhythms

I love coffee shops. I started this blog in a coffee shop that used to be in Greensboro. I was in college and really loved tea (origins of the name of this blog), every week on Mondays before my classes, I would sit in “Geeksboro” and write about life and what I was learning. That shop doesn’t exist anymore, but I remember living with that rhythm, each week waking up early and driving to the shop just to drink a warm tea or chai then write. It became my own little space, a space where friends of mine knew exactly where I would be and I would occasionally have a friend show up to join me in my writing. I say all of this because since that point, life has changed so very much.

I feel like life is about seasons, and in each new season, finding a new rhythm. I remember when life began to change towards the end of college, my rhythm of Mondays began to change. I didn’t like it at first because it felt like such a part of me, but when growth starts, we have to find the new rhythms of our lives. I used to hate change, I wanted my plans to stay consistent and have no hiccups along the way, but what I’ve learned is that my plan isn’t as good as the one God has for me. I’ve learned that while life has changes and my plans may get shaken up, there are truths that I need to hold on to in the midst of change; truths that become the basis for finding new rhythms.

Remember what matters.

Over the past two years I’ve learned what matters to me. I know that Dear Danielle is with me in every season, and when we trust in the future that God is revealing, everything else becomes secondary. I remember in the first months of being married I was let go from a church, it hurt and I left without any idea of what was next. Danielle was encouraging and showed me that God put a heartbeat for people in both of our hearts, and because of that, it was going to be okay. People matter; I went for so long feeling that I was unworthy of love and that no one cared about me, but God shows me over and over that he calls me his child and I am worthy of love. That drive has caused me to live in such a way that I can help everyone know that they are made by God and worthy of love.

What matters to me is what God says about me. I am his and he has designed me with purpose. With that pursuit, dear Danielle and I don’t need to get lost in the weeds, because we are following after a greater calling.

Be intentional with how you invest in yourself.

The important note about finding new rhythms, is making sure they help rather than hinder your growth. This will mean saying yes to some things and no to others. The latter is a lot harder, I first started truly saying no after college. I thought that just saying yes to every opportunity would help me, but what I found is that when people realize you’ll always say yes, your time will get abused. Say no to the things that don’t matter. Opportunities will come, but if it doesn’t fall in line with the great commission, it won’t bring you life. Creating rhythms that grow you spiritually, mentally, and physically will allow you to be ready for the greater calling God has for you.

It’s okay to say no and create boundaries for your heart. It’s good to say yes to the things that will fill your heart and drive you closer to the truth of who you have been created to be.

I write all of this because dear Danielle and I have been in a state of flux. We have taken the next right step and are now in a season of waiting. We have passions that are in our hearts, and now we wait to see where God leads and opens the doors. In the season of waiting, I am choosing to adapt and find new rhythms for my life. This season for all of us has been difficult, but now is the time to start finding new rhythms. Remember what matters and be intentional with how you invest in yourself. Don’t let life pass you by; life is about seasons of growth and change, so let this season be one of impact and meaning.

Write it out, make plans, and choose to start finding new rhythms that will grow you into who you are meant to be.

-Joshua Thomas

About the Author: Joshua Thomas is a writer by day and superhero by night. When he’s not writing and crimefighting, you can find him reading a good book, sipping warm tea, taking pictures, or dreaming. The young writer doesn’t fully know what he’s doing, but is enjoying the journey of it all. You can follow his hipster photos and Jack Kerouac musings on Instagram @joshua_thomas__

One thought on “Finding New Rhythms

  1. I remember a little bit about those days. & I sure can relate to struggles with finding rhythms too.
    I’m reading this as an archive (after your most recent post at the time of this comment, “hey friends, it’s been a while” from August 3, 2022) & I just wanted to reach out to you let you know: I’m so proud of you.
    And I want to say: Thank you; Thank you for being so faithful & pliable for our Father, who you are allowing to work so diligently through you & your Dear Danielle. I believe the Lord has intense and immense plans to continue to use you and your family to bring so many to Him (esp young people lost in this time, and in the world, in which we are strangers passing through – Philippians 3:20 & Romans 12:2). I’m grateful to Pastors Dan & Kay for all they’ve done to foster & contribute to the ripple effect which I image growing into a tidal wave for Christ through YOU and the many others they’ve inspired and the many others YOU have brought in, and will continue to inspire and lead through the narrow gate, the Only Way, to Truth & Salvation. Your faithfulness through trials is so rare this day in age. So I pray for your continual obedience to our Lord, and thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and becoming a leader of true conviction for the younger generations who might otherwise be swallowed whole by the undercurrents of negative influences, presented as new social norms by the same old deceiver of old, Thank you for teaching them to see from a perspective of eternity, finding joy in the midst, & putting focus on what really matters in The End.
    Congratulations on your graduation & your leadership role in the youth ministry. You’re anointed for this. You are called. I’m so glad you answered that call and you’ll never know your true impact until this life is done, and God shows us how truly powerful He can make one wave of one ripple become, when that anointed person answers the call.
    I’m sorry, I’ve commented a whole book here, it seems! I pray you’re encouraged by what I felt the Lord wanted me to take the time to write to you here today. Keep looking up, keep stepping out in faith & keep writing, man! You’re a blessing & you’re blessed! ~ Love in Christ, Belle

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