Called for More

My friend Rachel gave me a film camera the other day. She knew I was wanting to get into film photography and blessed me that day. I love taking pictures. It captures a memory, freezes a moment in time, and creates a reflection of life. I wanted to take a moment here and reflect, to look at my life and the things God has been showing me. Life has been moving in a flash recently. New job, new opportunities, and new fears that come with that. I guess that’s true with any calling, the closer you are to stepping into God’s plan, Satan tries his hardest to stop you. I’ve been feeling that a lot, the push back. The voices in my head telling me I can’t do it. Feeling inadequate and looked over by the people around me. It sucks. There’s no better way of saying it, but it also causes me to focus on the only one who truly loves and calls me. The one who opens the doors and tells me I can do it. The one who called me for more.

I recently have begun my role as the Vert Student Ministries Director (Geez, that’s a handful of words), and it’s awesome. I get to work with students and leaders, it feels like God is presenting me with the path I was always meant to walk on. I do that in the morning, then in my afternoon, I get to hang out with junior high kids. I get to be a goob, talk about CW shows, and occasionally give life advice. Each day I learn new things. Each day God tells me to pay attention. Each day I grow. I love it, but at the same time, I have to fight fear. Fears that I’m not good enough, that I’m looked over, that I’m looked down on, or that I won’t ever step into my vision. It’s scary. It’s real life. Yet, I can rest in the calling over my life, I think you can do the same.

Jesus qualifies the called.

This line is used many times to portray what Jesus did to the disciples, what he does to us. Jesus didn’t call the qualified, he qualified the called. The same is true in our lives. We have a huge calling over our lives, and God wants us to step into more. To stand for what’s right, to love, and to make disciples of every nation. Every time I feel like no one notices what I’m doing, or sees the value I play, I have to remind myself that my time is coming. Your time is coming. We have to wait and learn now, to prepare ourselves to take on more in the future. Maybe you are being mistreated and held back by your superior, and to you, I’m so sorry. I understand that struggle, and I empathize with you because I live that. We need to remember that God will open doors when the time is right. When we see those doors, we need to take them. We need to listen to the Holy Spirit and be willing to move away from what is comfortable, and step into the opportunity God presents us with. Jesus has called you, and the Holy Spirit will make you qualified for the calling.

Happy is the goal, but greatness is my vision.

This is a pretty dope line from Donald Glover. I love it because it’s not supposed to be something that is prideful, but one that pushes yourself towards the calling on your life. Donald Glover is a pretty big influence on me, I mean everything he does is crazy good, from writing to rapping, to acting, and poetry; I wanted to be like that. God has called me into ministry, and for some they can do ministry but not be in it full time, but for me, I have to put my soul into it. All of me. God didn’t put me here for any other reason, so I’m going to fight for this calling. I’m choosing to follow my vision of greatness. Sure, you should try to enjoy where you’re at now and be happy, but it can’t stop there. You gotta follow your calling, God has placed it in you for a reason. God has called me to lead the next generation and to one day plant a church of my own that speaks to the misfits and those who are hurting. While others might not see it, and I may feel or even be overlooked, I know what God has for me. Being happy is the goal, but greatness is my vision.

Called for More

Life has been really great. Sure, there have been struggles here and there, and my anxiety has tried to mess with me, but God is in control. He’s been the one in charge and I couldn’t possibly do it any other way. I have feelings of inadequacy and being unwanted, but these are lies. The devil is a stupid liar. I choose not to listen to what the world says, or even what the people around me might say. I choose to listen to my savior and the people who have continually encouraged me on this crazy journey. That’s the best part too. It’s a journey. I’m still walking, I haven’t made it yet, because God isn’t done with me yet. I will serve faithfully where I have been placed, and always be moving towards where God wants me to be.

Sure, there are times where I want to quit, when I just want to go back to being a screenwriter in Hollywood, but God has called me for more. I still have dreams of continuing this whole writer thing, I want to write books of both fiction and non-fiction, and I still have some killer comic book ideas (My friend Dan and I have a great pitch for an X-men book dealing with mental health, Marvel feel free to hit us up!). In all of it though, the one calling on my life is to stand for broken people and misfits, to step into ministry and fight for the lost, to plant a church that sends people out to be a light in a very dark world. I have been called for more. You have been called for more.

Step into your calling.

-Joshua Thomas

One thought on “Called for More

  1. I do SO love the way God works. “He qualifies the called…” not vise-versa.
    His ways are so far above our thinking! This post is a great remember to keep “keeping on.”
    Satan IS liar and his sole intention for each of God’s called kill, steal and destroy! The worst part about it is, most don’t realize how sneaky he is or to what elaborate lengths he will go to try to stop God’s plan for their lives! Don’t fall for his wicked lies! God can & will prevail, so keep the faith!
    (I love this superhero idea…you must tell me more about that!)

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