Your Story is Powerful

Good story makes all the difference. Have you ever gone to a movie where it just felt off? One of my favorite things is to watch really bad movies, or “b-movies,” and laugh at the ridiculous nature of it. We love good story. It’s the reason why we watch movies and read books, and find ourselves heartbroken, exhilarated, and connected to characters who aren’t even real. This past week, my wife, Danielle and I had a chance to go on our official honeymoon to Harry Potter World and Walt Disney World. It was absolutely incredible. Throughout the trip I kept wondering why I was connecting to the environment on a deep level. Yes, it was fun and a great experience, but there was something more. Something I was quite getting, then it hit me.


It all connected during the big firework show finale on our final night at Magic Kingdom. It’s a really wild show from a technical perspective, projecting classic scenes on the castle and adding well-timed fireworks. At the end, the big finale, I found myself looking up with tears in my eyes. Why? In the show there is a running song with a narration mixed in and out. In that final moment, there is a line that says, “Let your dreams guide you. Reach out and find your happily ever after.” You could see that as being cheesy, but I need you to dig a little deeper from your “cool” persona. You look at the way Walt Disney lived his life, he had a dream and reached for it, and he understood that character and story were what made people connect with your work. The belief he followed was the core of good story. Story is powerful, but your story is even more powerful.

Dream bigger.

The past couple of months have been hard. I got to marry my best friend and it was so incredible, but the enemy worked hard after that to try and bring us down. The future that I had planned suddenly got muddled. Funny how that works. My plan was dumb anyways. God has placed big dreams in Danielle and I, and we don’t fit in here, and that’s okay. That simply means God has a different, better plan than I could have. It’s funny to go to places that are celebrating characters created by people who dreamed bigger in the midst of struggle. J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter without a word processor and after dealing with an abusive marriage, and she dreamed bigger, creating not only a worldwide phenomenon, but a world that many have had refuge in. Walt Disney created a mouse with no character and struggled to make it “work,” and after his wife suggested he was more relatable, he dreamed bigger and created a place for others to dream big too. I am inspired by these creators, because they did not let their struggles hold them back, they simply dreamed bigger and went all in.

We need to start dreaming bigger, because we have been made in the image of God. The creator of the universe made you, so why would you hold back on your dreams? Don’t let fear control your life, it’s time to let it go.

Take a leap of faith.   

People are going to say you can’t do it, that you won’t be able to make it, or that your dream is too big. So, what? Just because others are afraid to jump doesn’t mean that you should too. We love stories where the hero takes on an impossible task, with everyone telling them the odds are not in their favor, yet they take a leap. They kill the giant, they survive the night, and they fly. Those are the stories that hold power. The bible is filled with these stories, people who were mocked and looked down upon that chose to stand by their creator. We are called to live our lives according to scripture, and scripture is telling all of us to take a leap of faith. For my wife and I, this trip was an awakening of the world of possibility in front of us. We aren’t sure what’s next, or how we will work it all out, but we know that God is leading our steps and we are choosing to live a powerful story of faith over fear.

The devil is a damned liar, never forget that when he starts whispering those lies.

Your Story is

I loved this week. I loved the way God continues to show up and move in my life. I am so thankful that I don’t follow my own plan. Is it scary to trust something you don’t always see or understand? Yes, it’s probably the scariest thing you could do, but you’re going to have a powerful story. No matter your past or the unknowns ahead of you, God designed you with purpose. You have to fight for it. Fight for the dreams, the passions, the burning desires in your heart; fight for it with all that’s in you. The beauty of following Christ is that God’s plan doesn’t make sense, he shouldn’t move things the way he does, yet he always moves. He always has a far better plan for your life than you can even imagine. He is writing a powerful story over your life, so start dreaming big and take a leap of faith.

Your story is powerful, dreamer.

-Joshua Thomas

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