“And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.”

Revelation 12:11

Sometimes we get in a funk. Things might not be terrible or falling apart, but there are still moments where we feel like we are in a haze. I talked last week about the nature of God and how he is our savior and deliverer in our moments of doubt, and today, I want to talk to you about the power we have because of Christ’s love for us. God is Yeshua, our savior and deliverer, and what that means is that because of the ultimate sacrifice, we are free. Easter is here, and while it is well known to be a big day for local churches to have new guests, the reason for Easter is the death and resurrection of Jesus. This is how Jesus holds the name of Yeshua, he came to earth, as God and human, in order to fulfill the old testament’s prophecies and then be crucified, taking on all of our sins. Then three days later, defeated death and rose again allowing each of us to enter into a relationship with him. That is a very condensed version of the gospel for you, and it is a beautiful tapestry of how nothing, not even death, can hinder God from overcoming all things.

Because of Christ’s sacrifice, we can overcome.

I love the term overcome, because it means to prevail. Whenever I hear something like that I think of medieval knights defeating an army attacking their castle. I also love how this term comes up in the verse at the start of this post, coming from the book of Revelation that is poetic in its’ writing. What this verse tells us, is that because of the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus, in him we can defeat the attacks of the enemy; we are overcomers. The lies, doubts, insecurities, trials, anything we face, is overcome because of God’s love for us.

We are overcomers because of what God did for each of us, even when we didn’t deserve it.

Humans are wack. We are, we do dumb things and make mistakes all the time. Yet despite all of that, God says we are worthy. God chose to take on our mistakes, past, present and future, so that we could live free. There is a clear line we all need to understand, we are worthy because we have been created and designed by God, and at the same time, without God, we aren’t going to thrive. When we are in a relationship with Christ, we can face all things. We are given access to great power, being able to stand on the winning side. Even when we have hit the lowest points in our lives, even when we feel unworthy, God says that we are. God has given us a purpose and a plan for our lives, and we don’t deserve that.

That’s the beauty of God.

God makes beautiful things out of dust.

From the beginning, God created humans out of the dust. I find that to be so poetic, because without the grace of God working in our lives, we are simply just dust. We need to live into that truth. God wants us not to stay as dust, but to step into what he has designed us for.

We cannot let fear control us.

That’s something that is hard for me. It’s difficult to live as an overcomer when the enemy and life tends to throw fear at us on a daily basis. We can’t let these fears and battles stop us from stepping into who God has made us to be. When I talked about the picture of medieval knights preparing for battle, that is a situation filled with fear, and yet despite the fear they choose to be who they know they are; warriors. We need to live like that, being able to stand in the face of fear and know that no matter what may come, by the power of God we can overcome.


Somedays we need to be reminded of who we are in Christ. There have been days recently where I felt very alone and that I don’t add up to much, but these are lies. I am an overcomer, I am a warrior who hasn’t been created with a. spirit of fear but a spirit of courage and strength because of God’s great love for me. That is who I, and all of us have been created to be. God has designed us with a purpose for our lives. Because of what God did for us, we can live in freedom and have the power to overcome the fear in our lives.

Live in the freedom of what Christ has done in your life.

-Joshua Thomas

About the Author: Joshua Thomas is a writer by day and superhero by night. When he’s not writing and crimefighting, you can find him reading a good book, sipping warm tea, taking pictures, or dreaming. The young writer doesn’t fully know what he’s doing, but is enjoying the journey of it all. You can tweet memes at him on Twitter @joshua_thomas__ or follow his hipster photos and Jack Kerouac musings on Instagram @joshua_thomas__

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