I love powerful storytelling. I’m a big fan of books and movies because of the stories they can tell. I love stories, but I also really love true stories. Not so much history, but stories of people who have overcome and made something incredible. I’ve recently been reading a lot more, and it’s so interesting to see people’s stories and how they choose to press on even when things get tough. That’s one of the best parts about the bible for me. In Christian culture, people seem to have this idea of being perfect or fitting a standard, but that’s simply not true. Last week I wrote about how God designed each of us, but sometimes it can feel like we aren’t living up to how we were designed. I feel this way a lot, you feel like you have been made for a purpose, but that I don’t add up to what I’ve been called to. I look at my brokenness and don’t see how I can be used. The fear of rejection or that I’m not good enough give me anxiety and I question how God can use me. In these moments, I have to be reminded of true stories in scripture. One of my favorite parts in the bible, is found in the book of Hebrews. Written by an unknown author (so I’ll use she/her pronouns), she writes a section known as the “by faith” section. In this part she describes people in the old testament that chose to live by faith and listen to God. They didn’t have the Holy Spirit or the sacrifice of Jesus, they simply did what they were asked. The crazy part is, each of these people she writes about are broken people. They all had their individual struggles and dealt with crazy situations, but in all of it, one thing remains true of them and remains true for you.

Despite our brokenness, God says that we are loved.

So often I question if I’m worthy enough, do I add up to what I should be doing? Can God use someone like me? Someone with anxiety and battles fear each day? Yes. God can use me, and God can use you. Despite our brokenness, we can rest in the truth that God loves us. We can rest in this truth because we see it over and over. Noah struggled with substance abuse, Abraham had to wait years for his first child, Moses had anxiety and couldn’t speak in front of people, Samson was in a toxic relationship, Rahab was a prostitute with self-image issues, and David dealt with lust and committed murder because of it. Broken, hurting people, and God used every single one of them. It doesn’t matter what battle you are facing or whether your past has been filled with hurt, you are not broken in God’s eyes, you are in fact deeply and truly loved more than anything.

Have faith.

Faith is a complete trust or confidence in something or someone. The writer of Hebrews knows that in our Christian walk, we’re going to have battles in front of us. We all face hardship and things we wish never happened or are happening to us. We must have faith. When we look at the stories that Hebrews referencing, we can see that she chose these people to highlight for a purpose. The purpose is to show how they clung to faith, despite the odds and their own weakness. God chose these people for a reason, he gave them all a purpose, and even though they might have struggled on their path, they were loved. God chose each of these people because he deeply loved them. They were misfits and people who struggled, but they had faith that God truly loved them. Despite all odds, they chose to have faith.

God loves you.

He loves you more than anything. He has called you for a purpose, you just have to hold faith in him, and him alone.

Press on.

You are loved, and God has a purpose for you, but we must be active in our faith. God has a purpose for you, but you have to make a choice. Noah chose to build the ark, Abraham chose to keep trying with Sarah to have children despite their battle with infertility, Moses chose to stand up to pharaoh, Samson chose to demonstrate God’s strength, Rahab chose to save the lives of the spies in Jericho, and David chose to worship God in all things. You have to be active. Even when the results aren’t immediate, you have to do something. Faith without action is meaningless.

Take a step.

You have to make the first choice. Is it reading your bible? Is it choosing to stop your substance abuse? Is it standing up for what’s right? Is it choosing to leave when the porn is on the screen? Is it ending the relationship that is bringing you down? It takes action. For me, that means fighting anxiety and applying to jobs, despite the worry of rejection. What is it for you? Hebrews is not a book about people who chose to be passive when they were called to more, it’s a book about people that chose to have faith and press on.


Maybe this hit home for you, maybe it didn’t. I just know that there are moments in life where we feel broken. We feel like we are too damaged. It could be because of your past mistakes, current battles, or future fears; we cannot let these things define us. The only thing that defines you is that you are loved by the God of all things. Remind yourself that you are so worth loving.

I used to have a post-it note on my bathroom mirror that reminded me that God loved me in all things, no matter what I face. I need to do that again. There are many days where I feel broken, but the truth is, I am loved. You are loved. We are loved. God loved each of us so much that he chose to send his son to die for each of us, and he rose again so that we could have a relationship with him.

When we remember that, everything else fades away. The only thing that defines you, despite your pain and struggles, is that you are loved.

-Joshua Thomas

One thought on “Loved

  1. Once again your blog as been a word from the Lord. I have been very discouraged lately, but have been trusting God to carry me through – I know the purpose God has for me – He will accomplish if I have the faith to hold on during this onslaught from Satan that would cause me to “throw in the towel” and give up. Thank you for your encouraging words.

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