Thank You for Making Me

I love the month of November. Okay, I really just love this last half of the year. It’s a season with so much joy and I get to watch the weather slowly shift to be colder and cozier. It’s hard to believe that October is already over, but the month of November is a time to look at all of our blessings. While the history of Thanksgiving is questionable, I love what it has become in my life; a season of being reminded how much God loves me. I’ve learned that there is so much power in choosing to look at what is right in front of you and be thankful for it. I start writing in my journal something I am thankful for each day. It’s not going to be shared everywhere or me trying to get the attention of others, it’s merely a way to re-center my mind on what God is doing in my life. One of the biggest things I am thankful for, is knowing that God made me.

This month, each week I am going to be highlighting four things that encompass the blessings of God in our lives. I know that you have questions about this season and maybe have been hurt or are currently experiencing hurt, but in all things, we can thank God for the blessings He gives us.

In the preteen ministry I lead, we just finished a month looking at individuality; discovering who you’re meant to be so you can make a difference. It’s a ton of fun seeing students understand this idea, because it all comes down to the truth that God uniquely designed each of us.

Ephesians 2:10 says, “We are God’s creation. He created us to belong to Christ Jesus. Now we can do good works. Long ago God prepared these works for us to do.” We have been made by God, in His image, and because of this, we have a greater purpose than we realize.

You are an image bearer.

Humans are the only creation that has been created in the image of God. With that means that humans have uniqueness and purpose in their lives. Knowing this comes a realization of your self-worth, you are worthy of love and so deeply loved by your creator.

When I look at myself and others around me, there is a deep level of intentionality in how we are wired. No one is the same as another person, even twins have vastly different interests and talents in this world. When I see this, it reminds me that I have been designed on purpose, there are things I am passionate about that drive me to want to make a difference. There are passions that you have inside of you, there are things you have been uniquely equipped to pursue, and that is beautiful.

You are defined by the creator.

I am thankful to be made and designed by God, because I choose to be defined by who my creator says I am. It’s easy to compare your story with someone else, we look at the lives of others and question our own place. The truth is that God has a plan for you, you need to trust that His plan is better than your comparison of others. Don’t allow anyone else to define you, whether that is from the words they spoke over you or your comparison of another’s life.

This month on the blog I want to do something a bit different. I believe Thanksgiving should be a time for reflection over the things God has blessed your life with. Despite the circumstances and hardships, you may be walking through, you can trust in Christ and thank Him for the blessings. So, I want to leave you with a prompt to journal and reflect over.

This week, write the words, “thank you for making me,” and then list the unique attributes about the way God has created you.

Share it if you want or keep a list in your journal so you can look back in midst of the hard moments, but be intentional. Use this month to thank God for the blessings all around you. This week, thank God for creating you. I will see you next week with another journal prompt of how to be thankful for the blessings God has given you.

-Joshua Thomas

About the Author: Joshua Thomas is a writer by day and superhero by night. When he’s not writing and crimefighting, you can find him reading a good book, sipping warm tea, taking pictures, or dreaming. The young writer doesn’t fully know what he’s doing, but is enjoying the journey of it all. You can follow his hipster photos and Jack Kerouac musings on Instagram @joshua_thomas__

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